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Working Group on BSR Overlay, still waiting for an update. 
It was confirmed that the Full Working Group dedicated to the creation of the BSR Overlay met on May 8th as noted in the April 2018 update from the FAA.  This is an impressive group made up of ATC officials, FAA personnel and technical industry experts.  They have communicated with our Representatives that they are working through the 9 recommendations from the Select Committee and will be reporting back. However they stopped working shortly after, from May - Dec. 2018. Their reason? Funding. 

Congressman Panetta along with Congresswoman Eshoo and Speier had a phone meeting with the Director of the FAA at the end of 2018. Director Ewell assured them that the working group would resume and we should get an update by Feb. 2019. We are still waiting for that FAA update. 

FAA regional director Glen Martin stated "Notional DAVYJ (BSR Overlay) would have a smaller noise impact on our county than a fix in place SERFR”



Save Our Skies Santa Cruz is a grass roots organization of committed, well-organized community members concerned about the new SERFR One flight path which has brought serious and consistent noise levels over the residents of Santa Cruz County.​ We are trying to propose solutions so that no one is disproportionately impacted by noise. We are working on a technical level with the FAA so that we find solutions that are optimal for all citizens on the ground.


KEEP REPORTING JET NOISE!​  get on track.....

 The data speaks for itself. In less than 4 years we reported over 5,000,000 complaints on jet noise! Data is the undeniable proof that we need to stay on track for a new quieter flight procedure, the BSR OVERLAY. Thank you and keep it up! 

Please write to:  Jimmy Panetta

Jimmy Panetta replaced Sam Farr's open seat in Congress. It is important that you let him know how you feel about the failed updates from the FAA and lack of communication on the progress of the BSR overlay.



​​​​Get the Facts, know the Truth
BSR Overlay, FAA and Congress Fail to Meet Aug. 2018 Deadline
•  The BSR Overlay is the same route that was used successfully for over 30 years, before NextGen, generating ZERO complaints.
•   It flies a practically identical quiet idle-power descent profile as was used before.
•   It flies down the middle between the Summit and the SLV communities.
•   It minimizes overflight of vulnerable high-elevation communities.
•   It is compatible with the new SFO Class B Airspace definition, making it safe.
•   It fixes all the core mistakes of the SERFR route.
•   It helps with a future fix of BRIXX, the flight path that brings even more noise to people living near the Summit.
•   It was voted for (8:4) by the Select Committee, representing the entire region.
•   It is supported by representatives Eshoo, Panetta, and Speier.
•   It is the FAA's plan, based on all of the above
In comparison, looking at the SERFR3 interim route:
•   SERFR3 does NOT restore the ground track.
•   It uses a better-than-SERFR descent profile, but not an ideal OPD one that would minimize excess noise.
•   It flies directly overhead the Summit high-elevation communities.
•   It does NOT make use of unpopulated stretches of the region.
•   It is compatible with the current SFO Class B Airspace definition.
•   It is a partial improvement only.
•   It does NOT help with a future fix of BRIXX.
•   It was NOT voted for by the Select Committee.
•   It is a TEMPORARY fix by the FAA to address SERFR's safety issues.

SERFR3 is not a "compromise", because it's not half-way between two things that people want. Nobody wants SERFR.
SERFR3 is just a partial and temporary band-aid to the extremely poorly implemented SERFR. The FAA was obliged to create SERFR3 since it needed to address safety issues as fast as possible, and we support that move... But SERFR3 should not be confused with a solution to the SERFR problems.

Historic Vote 8-4 and still waiting....

In Nov. 2016 after 7 months of hearings, The Select Committee rejected SERFR and voted for SFO southern arrivals to use a modified BSR ground track. This is the language that was voted in: RESCIND SERFR RECOMMENDATION