Here is how you can stop the jet noise.
Please join the growing number of people who are helping friends and neighbors file noise complaints. The Community Outreach Committee of needs more volunteers willing to be active in their neighborhoods.
All that’s involved is handing out flyers, stuffing mailboxes and spreading the word. Tell people about how important it is to file a complaint and how easy it is to do it. We’ll give you the information you need. All we ask for is some of yourtime and your willingness to help as much as you can.
The FAA and our government representatives are paying attention to how many citizens and businesses actually file complaints about the jet noise. When few people complain, it’s harder to get the FAA to respond.
If you’d like to do more to help get the FAA's attention and bring back our quiet skies, please contact us at

​​​​​​​​​​Get Involved

SOSSC Committees & Contacts:
Please contact the names below through our email address above if you can offer help in any of these committess. We need your help, Thank you!

• Co-chair, Press Releases/Spokesman

Contact: Patrick Meyer, SOSSC Co-Chair

• Co-chair, Petition/Admin 
Contact: Vicki Miller, SOSSC Co-Chair

​• Graphic Design/Marketing - keeps the movement growing by publishing educational information and messaging thru internet, print and television.  
Contact: Denise Stansfield, SOSSC Founder, Designer, Protest Organizer

• Social Media

Contact: Mary Jane Donofrio, Facebook, Twitter

• Community Outreach/Volunteer Services

Contact: Don Wright 

• Technical Committee - Research

Contact:  Dave Austin, Ben Shelef, Quiet Skies Nor Cal

• SFO Round Table - attends each round table meeting, brings our concerns forward and reports back to the SOSSC group.
Contact:  Eric, Rupp, Grant Weseman

• Noise Impact - gathers factual sound level data (find the people that are affected)on the impact of SURFR One and Two route in our community.
Contact:  Mark Joiner

• National No Fly Day
Contact:  Nannette McAlister

• Legal Research

Contact: Neil Schaffer, Chair of legal committee